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Odds are good that you’re going to love our Double Down Dark. We’ve bankrolled this rich, black-bodied brew with a strong aroma and a lively aftertaste for one hot payoff.

ROAST: Medium

ORIGIN: Brazilian Blend; 100% Arabica

FLAVOR NOTES: Giving notes of hyacinth, apricot jam, and a cognac finish

RISK-FREE GUARANTEE: We have a risk-free guarantee. If this isn’t the best coffee you’ve had, let us know and we’ll make it right.

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5 reviews for DOUBLE DOWN

  1. Erin Hoffman (verified owner)

    Small batch artisanal coffee. I will order again. I really enjoyed this coffee. Especially as pour-over.

  2. Diane Marie (verified owner)

    The first time I bought this brand of coffee beans, it was very good, and it was full of flavor.

  3. Daphne Jones (verified owner)

    I ordered the Vegas Coffee Double Down blend and prepared it in a French Press coffee pot. It was beyond a doubt one of the best tasting, most satisfying cups of coffee I can remember having in my entire life, and I’ve been around quite a while and drank quite a lot of coffee. Congratulations on an excellent product.

  4. Bobby Slaugh (verified owner)

    Same as above review*

  5. Brittany C. (verified owner)

    Love this coffee!

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